Saturday, 22 February 2014

Here and Beyond 2014

This year again I have been delighted to have been involved in the Arts 

Care ‘Here & Now’ Older People Festival, 2014. Funded by the Public

 Health Agency, the project runs across health and social care settings 

and in the community.

The participants never fails to surprise me, no matter their age they are. Last year my oldest client was 104, this year the oldest came in at the youthful age of 92. I helped another lovely 82 year old to her car with her work, she told me her car was the red one outside the door. There were two cars, a wee red fiat and a ferrari red sports car coupe outside the door. I decided to let her lead, and yes… she jumped into the sportscar and zoomed away. Thats the way I want to roll when I'm 82!
All in all, I completed 3 projects for Here and Beyond, 


1) The Glue that binds us, which was great fun, we smashed pots and painted the fragments, then glued the pieces back together, pics later.
2) some sessions at the Derry Print workshop, which saw some beautiful works and great enjoyment.
3)and finally 'Objective' which saw me creating 10 canvas around the theme. The results were fantastic, as you can see here.
The project is similar to last year in the fact that we produced canvases around the idea of self portraiture, but this time it will be about telling life stories through an image of an object. We did some creative writing and painting.
I asked the participants in advance to really think about an object to take in .
To give it some special thought, look at what they have with new eyes.
Have a lttle time to to look around at personal possesions, Is there one thing that transports them to a moment in rife?
Perhaps something from childhood? an item from there mother’s kitchen? an old toy?

I was looking for objects that means something to the participant, it did not have to be valuable or old, or not obvious, not just about your career or hobby, the connection to the memory should not be so obvious to the viewer. The image will have a deeper meaner than its surface. The Haiku might give a clue as to the memory it invokes. So the object creates a nostalgic moment, the same way a photo will spark memories.

This is the result. They also produced a painted Abstract piece relating to their object.
(Photos to follow)

I think the results speak for themselves

Monday, 11 November 2013

Signed Limited Edition Print

There has been some interest in this image and I am going to print it as a signed limited edition run of 30 Giclee prints for £30 each. Mounted, for an A4 frame on fine art Hahnemuhle acid free paper I won't sell any more of these as prints after the 30 are gone. If you are interested in one of these PM me. When they're gone they're gone ;)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Links to Art in the City (a Whistle stop tour)

There is so much happening in Derry at the moment in the run up to the Turner Prize. 

The eyes of the Art world are on Derry! This is your chance to discover what is new and exciting in the art world right now.Study up on the Short List  for Turner here. 

Where to start the enjoyable, witty and lovely refreshing Grayson Perry was in town for Reith Lecture check here if you weren't one of the lucky ones in attendance at the newly refurbished Guildhall. 

If you are in town for the Turner Why not take in some of the other Art the City has to offer.

 The London Street Gallery  are celebrating the opening of the Turner Prize show with the exhibition  - No Jury, No Prize which invited all artists to submit one small work which will be shown  (there is no jury) during the three weeks of the exhibition. 

I have a piece in this called Rekindle :) Materials: Photography, book and fire

Arts Care Dedicated Gallery

Some great News too, Arts Care will have their very own dedicated Arts Care Gallery Space in Altnagelvin hospital after the success of the Older Peoples Festival Exhibition 'In Full Bloom'. 

The feedback we had from  staff, service users and Arts Care artists alike about how the older peoples work  transformed the space was indeed very positive and encouraging. 

 The  proposed gallery space will showcase not only the work of the service users and staff but  a programme  will be developed of exhibitions for the year where interested artists/groups are invited to exhibit throughout the year.

This Gallery space would be curated by myself :)

Ceo of Arts Care and Chair of Arts Care in Western Trust at
Older People Exhibition 'In Full Bloom' 
We have an opportunity to launch this proposal very shortly with a visiting exhibition by artist Julien Friers. This launch would be a joint launch with  London St Gallery's who themselves will be launching their  own project which is to temporary donate Artworks into healthcare areas and ares of need.

The upcoming exhibition will be in November, is titled ‘Rhythm and Hues’ has been specially commissioned as part of the City of Culture 2013 celebrations, and recognises some of the biggest names in the music industry including some of our own homegrown talent. Local jazz legend Gay McIntyre and actress and singer Bronagh Gallagher take their places alongside Dave Fanning, Terri Hooley and Henry McCullough in 14 larger than life canvasses celebrating music and creativity. More News soon. 

What Else?

Be sure to check out Momentous Times at the CCA and the fantastic programme of events around this exhibition. Good news for the CCA's Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh who have been appointed Co Directors of The Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane, Congratulations!

The Mark Wallinger: One (twice Turner nominee) curated by Elaine Ford exhibiiton will be finishing up next week at The Void Galley and the upcoming Santiago Sierra exhibition curated by Sara Greavu and Jonathan Cummins looks promising.

On the Subject of twice Turner nominated  'UnSeen' a major exhibition of photographic and video works by Willie the upper gallery beside the Void.

The Shirts,  Photo by Roisin O'Donnell

One of the big successes of this year is the Shirt Factory Projecttaking its inspiration from the shirt factories of Derry, boasting a pop up museum and a themed shop and a secret garden as well as Rita Duffy, this has to get a life after this year as part of the 'Legacy' of the City of Culture. 

In Other Places
 Not to be out done there is another chance to see Hollywood: The Remake, photography by myself and Aria Fikriyah and styled by Gladrags and Handbags at Bedlam. This can be 'reseen' in the entrance of Bedlam  up unto the end of the year.

When in the vicinty take in the lovely gallery in Bedlam, Gordons gallery across the Street, and the gallery on Ship Quay St.

Still time to catch Mak9  Draw on the Walls,
and to check out The Portrait of a City around the city (funny enough) and of course the Indigionous murals and wall art (every thing can be art, ask Mr Perry)Thats only the tip of the artberg, (haven't even touched on 'The Arts' in a wider context, but enough to whett the Whistler  for now :).

I have time to sit and write this cos Kids in bed and hubby is Stage managing 'From The Camp to The Creggan' and  (Opening tonight Oct 16th, in the Forum and then Lenashee on Nov 8th in the Venue).

(Talking of sitting) After all that you can have a wee sit down on the Sofa Book  which  is  the Action Mental Health's sofa created out of books a project I was involved with facilitating whilst  watching the washing dry in the random places!

AMH New Horizons Foyle's Big Lottery Culture for All Project entitled “What’s Your Story” You can see it on tour at 

Magee UU 22nd-23rd Oct, \
Guildhall 24th-10th Nov, 
CIty Hall 11thNov-25th, 
Antrim New Horizons 25th Nov-2nd Dec and Foyle St Library 2nd Dec to 16th Dec

Out of Town
Not all the culture is in town, Arts Link Big Draw is worth a visit for all the family, also Donegal artist has forthcoming exhibition , Phillip McFadden  and of course Matisse line drawings and workshops in Limavady

Feel free to comment and add to list, whatever has been left out, I'm sure theres buckets of it.